We were tired of boring one-dimesional candles and having to spend a fortune to get the fragrance experience we were craving.

So we tested hundreds of fragrances, mixed waxes, searched for the perfect wood wicks, and teamed up with with creative minds around the globe to help us create a candle experience like no other.

Freckles & Feelings' uniquely designed scents transcend the average candle by combining multiple fragrance notes within a central theme. Each burn session becomes an experience and not just a smell.

Our wide range of fragrance options appeals to unique and individual sensibilities- something we love celebrating. Whatever mood you're in, we've got you covered.

Freckles & Feelings candles are poured by hand in microbatches for quality control, and packaged in artfully designed custom printed boxes with personalized notes for a completely luxurious experience from unboxing to last burn. We are dedicated to prioritizing elements which are Earth-friendly, manufactured in the USA, and safe for our customers. For more details about our ingredients and materials, please see our Ingredients page. For other questions, see our FAQs.