Refined fragrances infused with essential oils

Our signature fragrances are delicately crafted blends of premium perfume and essential oils, exclusive to Freckles & Feelings. We are dedicated to creating fragrance collections to launch anew as the seasons change. Each candle features a unique collection of essential oils, creating a strong fragrance that fills a room, and is still safe for skin.

Our fragrances never contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic dyes; and are always cruelty free.

A custom blend of soy and coconut wax

Our custom wax is a luxurious and innovative blend of renewable soy and coconut, manufactured in the USA. It is vegan, gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, so you can enjoy it, worry-free. This creamy white wax burns evenly and cools to create a smooth top after every burn session. Expect cleaner, longer burns, and stronger fragrance throws than homogeneous waxes. Our blend is truly for those in the pursuit of candle perfection.

Wood wicks sourced from and manufactured in the USA

Our hand-crafted wooden wicks are sourced from and manufactured in the USA. They are all-natural and vegan, and accumulate less carbon build-up than traditional cotton wicks. With an alluring crackling sound, our modern wicks create a full melt pool across the surface of our candles when burning, so you'll never again have to reach into a well to light your candle's wick. Allow your candle's first burn to last 1 hour, or until the entire top layer has liquified.

100% recyclable glass tumblers, made in the USA

Our candles are poured in cylindrical glass tumblers that are 3.375” tall and 3” wide, and made in the USA. The white lacquered glass allows for a soft glowing light to emit through the tumbler walls while your candle is burning. Our artfully-crafted and high quality glasses are 100% recyclable, and can be repurposed for displaying small flower arrangements, pens/pencils, makeup brushes and more!

Beautiful custom printed, 100% recyclable boxes and biodegradable packing peanuts

We observe a one-box-only policy to minimize our impacts on the Earth. All of our candles are shipped in a custom printed, 100% recyclable box. We use a few thin layers of recyclable bubble wrap, and starch-based, biodegradable peanuts to protect your candle on its journey from our space to yours. These peanuts dissolve in water without creating toxic waste, so add them to your compost or dispose of normally. We are always looking for affordable, sustainable, and Earth-friendly ways to get our candles to you, so email us with ideas at

The artwork, featured on our label and box designs, was created by New Orleans-based artist and textile designer, Caitlin Wallace-Rowland. To see more of her work, check out her site.